Meet Today’s Demanding Audit Requirements with Knowledge Coach

The award-winning CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach is a peer reviewed and patented audit solution that enables you to:

  • Tailor your audits based on the characteristics of your firm and the engagement
  • Directly link identified risks with each audit step
  • Flow information throughout your workpapers where needed
  • Monitor your engagement for completeness and compliance

And, your auditors continue to exercise professional judgment. For the highest-quality audits that comply with AICPA Risk Assessment Standards, and address the AICPA's most common risk assessment violations, CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach and its Knowledge-Based Audit (KBA) titles should be your audit solution of choice.

Knowledge Coach — a Key Component of the Integrated Audit Approach
See CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach for yourself to learn how it delivers the highest-quality audits possible.

Customer Testimonials

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With Knowledge Coach, whether you’re large or small, it’s all about increasing audit efficiency. The product evolves over time and is in tune with how standards change over time. Today we are well-positioned for the future, largely as a result of the technology solutions we are using — especially Knowledge Coach.
Jim Bourke
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CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach Overview
Support every one of your engagements with a working papers solution that does everything, enabling you to do more volume with less people.

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