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ComplianceApril 01, 2024

BRF and TeamMate+: Navigating an evolving internal audit landscape 

Managing internal audit staff across various cultures and locations can be difficult and resource-intensive, especially when it comes to complying with the strict scrutiny of multiple regulatory bodies.

Enhancing the audit process and improving productivity

TeamMate had the opportunity to speak with Luis Garcia, Chief Audit Officer, Valmir Grolli, Audit Manager, and Robert Rossatto, Audit Coordinator at BRF, to learn how heightened focus on risk has broadened the potential depth and scope of internal audit, requiring auditors to manage risks with more transparency by: 

  • Automating the functionality to enable, fully track process, and carry out actions quickly and simultaneously.
  • Achieving individual goals within internal audit to provide greater confidence with senior management and the board.
  • Eliminating the barriers associated with manual, paper-based processes and geographically dispersed teams to drive efficiencies into all facets of the internal audit workflow.
We needed a solution that could support our vision to be one of the best internal audit departments in the world. If you are going to demand such expertise from your team, you must have software that can deliver at the same high level. Our selection process was quite rigorous, but in the end, TeamMate+ was the clear choice.
Luis Garcia, Chief Audit Officer, BRF
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Inside this case study, you'll learn about how BRF was able to gain workflow efficiencies with TeamMate+ and the overall benefits to the business.
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