Key considerations for a more efficient AnaCredit compliance
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Powerful reporting and data lineage tools
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Scalability to process large volumes of data
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Process automation
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The ability to reuse data to address FinRep, CoRep, and local statistical and prudential requirements
Our integrated, scalable OneSumX AnaCredit solution has been specifically designed to handle large data volumes and to deliver the granular credit and counterparty information required by the regulation and its implementation in each Euro member state.

Its powerful data analysis tools aggregate data intelligently, highlight period-on-period movements and comply with local regulators' technical standards.

Ensure data quality

Data quality is assured through the Reporting Portal that allows users to analyze data including variances at different levels of granularity through a broad number off attributes such as accounting classification, instrument, economic sector, country, etc. This allows users to quickly pin-point and remediate data issues within a four-eyes approval framework.

Limit exposure to regulatory change

An intrinsic part of our regulatory reporting solution, the Regulatory Update Service (RUS) helps you limit exposure to regulatory change, specifically in the format of updates to data requirements and out-of-the-box business logic as a result of changes to regulatory calculations, forms, validation rules and delivery.

Solution Features

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Data consistency, reconciliation and lineage

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Faster processing and more flexible operational environment

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A single platform that can be used to ensure compliance with AnaCredit and any other regulatory reporting requirements

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Future proofing of your regulatory compliance via Regulatory Update Service

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