Medi-Span Clinical – Embedded screening for hospitals around the world

Medi-Span Clinical is the leading automated clinical screening solution, using technology to support clinicians with making better informed medication-related decisions. Medi-Span Clinical offers a customizable set of embedded clinical drug screening application programming interfaces (APIs) and trusted drug content to help hospitals and health systems decrease medication errors, improve patient safety, and reduce alert fatigue.

Seamless clinical drug screening

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Address complex patient scenarios

In-workflow clinical screening powered by evidence-based content designed to support complex, patient-specific clinical scenarios

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Customize alert settings

Flexibility that not only automates alerting within workflow but also allows for tailored controls to help reduce alert fatigue and increase effectiveness

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Implement with ease

Hands-on professional services to enable smooth implementation and optimization

Why choose Medi-Span Clinical?

  • Trusted by 180+ leading hospitals worldwide
  • 98% of customers surveyed say they are satisfied with content
  • Content authored and edited by 150+ in-house specialists
  • Majority of authors/editors have advanced training (PharmD or PhD) and extensive clinical experience, typically 10+ years

Globally trusted, localized content

Medi-Span Clinical is an essential component of our family of Clinical Effectiveness solutions. Its globally trusted content, developed through the coordinated efforts of our editorial teams of clinicians, helps medical professionals access new evidence as promptly as possible and reflects region-specific formulary requirements.

Medi-Span Clinical features:

  • Multinational drug information to synthesize a global perspective of medication utilization and safety
  • Clinical knowledge and feedback from our worldwide clinician partner network to reflect important dosage and practice distinctions from various regions
  • International generic drug names and a wide variety of country-specific brand names
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EMR integration: Closing the drug information gap

Built directly into the EMR, with alerts generated at the point of care within the workflow, Medi-Span Clinical offers reliable, safe, and clinically relevant drug screening. Automated, in-line medication screening allows clinicians and pharmacists to prescribe and dispense drugs without needing to exit the EMR and access additional resources. Medi-Span Clinical provides relevant, evidence-based content hospitals trust.

Reducing medication errors, one prescription at a time

Our medication alerts, powered by evidence-based content, help remove the busywork of manually double-checking medication decisions. Instead, clinicians and pharmacists receive automated, in-line screening alerts to help prevent medication errors, such as:

  • Duplicate therapies
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Drug allergy interactions
  • Overprescribing
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Pursuing accreditation
Achieving recognition from prestigious healthcare societies demonstrates that your hospital or health system stands out for implementing advanced technology, streamlining services and processes, enhancing patient care, and promoting successful outcomes. Medi-Span Clinical has helped customers around the world receive accreditation from JCI, HIMSS, and other local accreditation bodies.
Measurable customer impact

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76% of customers surveyed agree that Medi-Span Clinical improved patient outcome

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80% of customers surveyed agree that Medi-Span Clinical helps them reduce medication errors

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Over half of Medi-Span Clinical customers surveyed reported cost savings

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Our team monitors the latest requirements so that our functionality better enables users to adapt to evolving standards of care

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