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Tax & AccountingJuly 28, 2021

I am an Accountant. Why a digital first strategy is business critical?

Being online will help grow your practice – but only if you have an effective digital presence

Having an effective digital presence helps take advantage of a ‘digital first’ strategy, critical in a world where we need to work remotely at a moment’s notice.

According to McKinsey, Covid-19 has pushed companies over the digital tipping point and transformed businesses forever. We accelerated our adoption for digital customer interaction in the Asia Pacific by a whopping 10% last year alone. But the big question is – is your firm part of that shift?

For some time now, we have watched as our industry regulators have moved online to transform their services for accounting professionals and taxpayers. Driving this shift is the goal to provide industry and taxpayers with a more self-sufficient, streamlined, and transparent experience.

Of course, building a website and having your own digital footprint isn’t as simple as logging on and completing a generic template. Accounting professionals are at the coal face of industry every day, acting as the most trusted advisor to businesses and individuals. This means you need an effective website that works across any device, one that can attract clients and be part of your business development.

And just like your clients rely on paying for professional accounting advice to keep them on the right track, it makes sense to consider utilising the expertise and experience of website experts to get you online and keep you there.

Without a trusted partner to develop your website, you may be wasting valuable time and end up with a website that won’t grab people’s attention.

Top 5 benefits of partnering with Wolters Kluwer CCH Web Manager

1. Manage your digital strategy with ease

Your firm will benefit from Wolters Kluwer’s deep domain expertise in website strategy and operation. Our specialist website team can design, build, maintain and provide content, tailored for accounting firms. Benefit from our user-friendly website management with the CCH Web Manager Content Management System interface. It means your website will always look great, stay up-to-date, and give you the content your website visitors will value.

And we are here to support you once you go live. Our friendly support team is just an email or phone call away. Our CCH Web Manager Client Resource Hub will share easy to follow Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips and guides designed to maximise your website’s performance and engage a wider audience

“Support provided by the Wolters Kluwer team was fantastic, they followed us up and made sure we were fully supported all the way to going live. They were there for us.”

Steven Dainty, Client Services Manager, Grosvenor Business Advisers

2. Cost-effective professional design

The goal with CCH Web Manager is to create and add value to your website within your budget.

When we talk about our pre-designed templates and websites, your firm isn’t going to have to sacrifice its identity for a quick start option.

For firms looking for custom designs, our in-house web design team will invest time in understanding your brand, budget, and expectations. Plus, they will learn more about who your audience is now and into the future, your goals and uncover the unique differentiators that will keep you ahead of the competition. This means asking plenty of questions to make sure you build a valuable presence online. We will work with you to tailor a fully branded customised website layout to grab those eyeballs — and keep them there.

3. Access curated content and tools

Websites are all about having a digital customer interaction. A vital component of this is understanding the content and tools you need today and for the years ahead.

This might be harder than you think, especially when you are busy running your firm and trying to stay up to date with ever-changing legislation. This is why accessing CCH Web Manager curated content and tools can save you time and money.

Everything from starter web copy and templates to a fully customised web presence is available based on your budget. Crafting engaging content takes time. CCH Web Manager will give you the calculators, key dates, and tax facts, to keep your website up to date and relevant. Transforming a static website into a dynamic content driven website will drive conversions and turn prospects into clients.

And what’s more, you can extend your digital footprint across your social networks to reach even more people. Publish content and image rich blog posts to make content work even harder.

4. Plan for greater engagement

It’s easy to imagine building a website is a one and done task, something the team needs to have the framework and content for before it’s designed. But the most genuinely successful websites don’t look at their digital presence that way. Websites that engage have a content plan that ensures they remain relevant and deliver the ROI expected of them.

CCH Web Manager has made it easier than ever to manage and publish web content. Our Content Management System helps you understand how to add, monitor and update content to generate the website traffic you need to improve your Google ranking and engage targets. Our dashboard, Search Engine Optimisation Tools, — plus stats from Google Analytics — help you understand how to target a specific audience and keep them on your site.

5. Set clear security and privacy boundaries

We understand the roles and responsibilities of website management and that many firms do not have a dedicated digital professional managing security – all CCH Web Manager websites are secured with SSL security certificates (HTTPS). We include this with every website subscription. We can help protect website visitors’ privacy with our customisable data collection privacy page and easily activated cookie notifications, to inform website visitors that your site uses cookies.

As your client’s most trusted advisor, you can ensure this trust extends to protecting their data on the web as well.

Thinking about how to maximise your website presence? Put your business development on online autopilot and switch your website from burden to benefit with CCH Web Manager.

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