Advancing technology to meet today’s healthcare challenges

The care delivery landscape is rapidly changing. Providers and clinicians are grappling with complex questions facing patients, health systems need to build efficiencies that improve outcomes, and businesses seek to efficiently scale operations. Having trusted technology partners that offer meaningful innovations to support efforts are essential.

The experts at UpToDate work to ensure the best evidence is in the hands of those who need it most. The solutions are continuously evolving with input from practicing customers to better support the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Innovations from UpToDate to support healthcare’s most complex decisions

Technology and content that drive health equity

Improving outcomes relies on healthcare professionals effectively addressing patient questions and understanding how culture and context can impact care journeys. Through creating content that is culturally diverse and representative of patient populations, UpToDate is an effective partner for clinicians, health systems, payers, and other organizations looking to build a more equitable health system.

Patient education within the clinician workflow 

Patient adherence to treatment plans is a critical factor for improving health outcomes, and patient education content from UpToDate provides information right within the clinician workflow. 

To promote aligned decision-making across care teams, UpToDate offers patient education and automated outreach, making it easier for to extend care conversions with patients beyond the exam room. 

* Source: comScore Custom Survey, U.S., Q2 2017, Age 18+. Total n=851 with 92% having smartphones.

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