Activate patients early on to make a difference in health outcomes

When patients skip routine appointments or preventative screenings, they often seek care later – after conditions have advanced and are more costly to manage.

Healthcare organizations need to evolve their capabilities to meet the needs of patients, members, families, and communities with compassion and understanding. Financial and care models that support better population health need to be aligned with improved coordination and scalable patient engagement programs proven to work beyond the clinical setting.

Through the power of technology and expert design, UpToDate® Outreach (formerly EmmiOutreach™) helps you reach large patient populations with Interactive Voice Response campaigns that are proven to motivate people into action. As the only IVR solution backed by the trusted clinical information of UpToDate, leaders can have confidence in the quality of health information reaching their patients.

By using UpToDate Outreach for 5 months, University Hospitals increased their HEDIS overall colorectal cancer screening measure by 13% and improved their score from 46% to 52%.* 
* University Hospitals/Wolters Kluwer Case Study, Rev. March 2020 
video screen - University Hospitals
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Increasing screenings attendance and quality at University Hospitals
Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO at University Hospitals, discusses how care teams are getting more people to take preventive screenings thanks to the power of UpToDate Outreach (formerly EmmiOutreach) personalized programs. 
Drive patient and member action with customized campaigns
UpToDateOutreach is highly customizable, and that matters when it comes to motivating people to complete health and wellness screenings. Campaigns include (non-exhaustive list):
Annual Wellness Visits Anticoagulation Bone Density Tests Childhood Immunizations
Choosing a Primary Care Provider Colorectal Cancer Screenings Diabetic Retinopathy ED Discharges
Fasting Labs Flu Vaccinations Mammogram Screenings Medication Adherence
Missing Labs Natural Disaster Outreach Spirometry Tests Virtual Care Encounters

Patient and Member Engagement campaigns with a compassionate voice

UpToDate Outreach campaigns are more than cold robocalls or mass emails. They are moments of empathetic human connection that drive real results. The difference is easy to hear:

Patient and Member Engagement voice design

Non-Patient and Member Engagement voice design

Concierge-level service and implementation
We know that implementing new solutions can be challenging. That's why we work closely with you to make the process as seamless as possible, no matter the systems, from most EHRs to SMART on FIHR and more. We are committed to your success. 

Expert insights from Patient and Member Engagement

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