Integrated drug information without the development

When busy healthcare professionals need to reference drug information in a timely manner or provide patients with health information, accessing directly from their workflow application is an ideal solution. 

As a delivery option, Web Services from UpToDate Lexidrug provide your organization with a method to not only streamline your development effort, but reduce human and system resources on an ongoing basis. Lexidrug Web Services deliver rapid access to a variety of professional drug reference databases, information such as the Medi-Span® Generic Product Identifier (GPI), and patient education materials, supporting your team in providing an enhanced level of patient care. 

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Quick access to the latest evidence-based drug information in workflows, including GPI, NDC, DIN, and more.


Save time and resources with reduced burden on development teams and less infrastructure.


Reference trusted drug information databases including multinational drugs, off-labels, pharmacogenomic, and toxicology.

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Start providing care teams with drug referential information and patient education leaflets within their workflows.

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