Financial services organizations are continuously being challenged to develop better risk management indicators, more integrated risk management, and to embed risk in the front office. All three lines of defense are tasked to improve performance and develop links between risk and finance to produce risk-adjusted performance metrics. The first line is critical to ensuring an effective risk-based approach is in place across the organization.

The OneSumX suite of solutions helps firms gain two critical views of risk - financial risk independent of regulation, and risk management from a regulatory view. Looking at risk through these two lens’ helps provide firms with a holistic view of their risk profile while considering the impact that increasing rates of supervisory changes across jurisdictions has on their business.

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Take a holistic view of risk

A contract-centric approach where key risks can be measured and stressed in an integrated way. No more silos across departments and more confidence in your decision-making process.

Project across all risk types

Project business and risk under unlimited scenarios. Analyze scenarios for market factors, credit factors, behavioral factors and management decisions across all risk types.

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Integrate risk and regulatory reporting

Meet internal and regulatory constraints within a single risk solution. Our data quality and calculations meet standards of regulators globally.

Challenges of Risk Management

We understand the common challenges you may be facing in risk management. Our portfolio of software and service solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Ineffective existing applications

Existing siloed solutions for risk management and prudential compliance with troublesome maintenance.

More intrusive regulations

New regulations enforce cohesion and integrity of data, more data governance and data quality. Banks can no longer afford disparate systems.

Increased granularity

Need for more granular, quality data to meet regulatory demands. Risk management models that need a high level of refinement.

OneSumX for Risk Management features

For a financial institution, the key to success is often a comprehensive strategy that combines well-designed technology architecture with a range of analytical applications to support risk-aware decision making. OneSumX for Risk Management has the trusted expertise, and adaptable technology to help you achieve just that.

  • Integrated data management

    • Access advanced data lineage features essential in a banking environment
    • Use a single source of data to cover all credit, liquidity and other financial risk types
    • Project expected cash flows per scenario uniquely
    • Incorporate all relevant credit, market, behavioral, strategic and macro-economic events
    • Get better data management and consistency of your risk management metrics.
  • ALM and balance sheet optimization

    Utilize full projection and modeling capabilities Generate expected and unexpected cash flows based on anticipated events Reflect the outlook for the macro economy, market risk factors, the strategy of the firm and the expected behavior of the counter-parties Calculate your balance sheet value, income, capital, liquidity, leverage and provisioning levels now and at any point into the future.
  • Regulatory and economic capital calculations, leverage ratio

    • Calculate, simulate and stress the full risk-weighted assets and capital requirements
    • Include all risk components and their various methodologies according to proportionality:
      • Credit risk
      • Counterparty credit risk
      • Market risk
      • CVA risk
      • Operational risk
      • Leverage capital charge
      • Large exposures capital charge
    • Cover standardized, internal model approach and the output floor
    • Compare Economic and Basel capital and in particular reflect collateral allocation, netting and guarantees
    • Apply analytical models and Monte-Carlo simulation
    • Use Basel CVA related measures to calculate, simulate and stress the leverage ratio.
  • Liquidity and earnings calculations

    Calculate, simulate and stress for:
    • LCR, NSFR using contractual and behavioral cash flows assuming a liquidation analysis (living wills) and going concern analysis net interest income (NII) reflecting methodologies such as discounted cash flows, CAPM, Black-Scholes, Trinomial trees
    • Key risk indicators such as the sensitivities and the repricing gap.
  • Analyze performance through FTP

    Understand which sources consume and provide liquidity; and which trades/counter parties consume capital by calculating, stressing and simulating FTP rates, RORWA and RORAC.
  • Stress testing

    • Evaluate the impact of alternative stress tests, scenarios and simulations
    • Analyze capital, leverage, liquidity and earnings simultaneously
    • Use the outputs to inform contingency plans and business strategy
    • Define and combine “stress models” into a single analysis across numerous factors as per the table below.

OneSumX for Risk Management SaaS solution

OneSumX for Risk Management can be deployed both on-premises or as a flexible, scalable, cloud-based architecture solution. Our software-as-as-service offering can integrate with our award winning OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting solution and provide you with secure infrastructure software, support services and hosting.

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A holistic approach to risk: individual risk types are not siloed, but integrated

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Scenario management which integrates market, credit, behavioral, and business factors

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Reduce risk of non-compliance
We keep you equipped with the latest releases, and compliant with regulations.

Why choose Software-as-a-Service?

Running our OneSumX solution in a single tenant SaaS environment is not only more flexible and scalable than the typical on-premises system. It’s safer, too. Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, it means platform management services such as security and disaster recovery protocols are also available out-of-the-box.

We understand the challenges of legacy systems that may not be up to the job. Our SaaS deployment and operational model takes away the challenge of managing required hardware infrastructure compatibility. It allows you to scale seamlessly and increase technical flexibility. It also eases the burdens imposed by new regulatory mandates and the limitations of on-premises infrastructure.

  • Secure infrastructure software
    • Windows Server, Oracle Enterprise Edition, Web Application Server and security software all included
    • All technical infrastructure requirements for hosting the application are managed by us. This includes those related to servers, disaster recovery, high database availability and data security.
    • Guaranteed compliance with Wolters Kluwer and other vendors’ requirements
  • Installation and support
    • Our teams manage the OneSumX end-to-end environment
    • Upgrades and fixes
    • Database housekeeping
    • Monitoring of the environment for availability and security
    • Configuration changes with a UAT environment
    • Extended support services, including hardware and infrastructure
  • Hosting services and rich content
    • Our SaaS deployment model is a single tenant hosted solution
    • Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers
    • Platform management services include security features and disaster recovery protocols
    • SaaS enables you to scale up or down as needed
    • Run the latest version of best-in-class software, customized to your needs

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