A boat lien search is an important step

A lien may permit the lienholder to gain possession of the boat if the previous owner failed to pay for some obligation. A loan or judgement for a debt for unpaid taxes or bills related to fuel or repairs are common examples of unpaid obligations that can result in a lien on the asset.

Many states are non-title states and do not comment on liens a buyer may not honestly disclose or even be aware of, and there is no centralized database to refer to making it challenging for you to research on your own.

As a comprehensive service provider, we offer boat lien searches at a reasonable price, so you can reduce your risk and make better informed decisions. Spending a little money up front may save you a lot of money later! At this point we currently offer this service in the following jurisdictions: Delaware, California, Florida and Texas.

Discounted pricing available for customers bundling our USCG documentation or Delaware boat registration services with a boat lien search.

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