Malaysia Transfer Pricing Guide provides practical and administrative commentary on transfer pricing in Malaysia, and discusses alternative means of resolving or avoiding transfer pricing disputes. Legislation and rules are explained and linked to assist further research and knowledge enhancement. Development of BEPS and its effect are also included in the Guide. It also includes a brief on Malaysia Double Taxation Agreements.

Malaysia Transfer Pricing Guide also includes practitioners’ viewpoints and examples - to bring real life scenarios and recommendations that enhance your understanding.
Content coverage
  • Transfer Pricing Concept
  • Introduction to Transfer Pricing Methodologies
  • Managing Transfer Pricing
  • Documentation
  • Business Models, Intangibles, Intra-group Services and Cost Contribution Arrangements
  • Transfer Pricing Audits
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Practitioner’s Viewpoint
  • Thought Leadership Articles


Tricor Taxand Malaysia (previously known as Taxand Malaysia)
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