Developed by professionals for professionals, this add-on module aims to provide specific information to users involved in the manufacturing industries to enable them to better manage their GST issues, thereby increasing compliance and productivity

The Malaysia GST – Manufacturing module focuses on the GST issues relating specifically to this sector, such as the different kinds of GST treatments available based on the zone that the supplier is in, and the various special schemes pertaining to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), to ensure optimum GST returns.

In the manufacturing industry, complications may arise in determining the correct GST treatment for a specific supply. Such challenges must be faced with the right advice and approach, with guidance from foreign legislation.

This is an excellent tool and a must have to all businesses, a first in Malaysia. It is vital to have this tool as a guide for completeness.

Content coverage
  • Composite Supplies
  • Deemed Supplies
  • Payment Terms
  • Consignment Sales
  • Barter
  • Vouchers
  • Leasing
  • Supply of Warranty
  • Reimbursement & Disbursement
  • Employee Benefits
  • Damages
  • Sale of Scrap
  • Drop Shipment
  • Supply of International Services: Import and Export
  • Designated Areas
  • Free Trade Zone
  • Warehousing Scheme
  • Approved Trader Scheme
  • Approved Toll Manufacturer Scheme
  • Approved Jewelers Scheme
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