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Wolters Kluwer BEPS Pillar Two Readiness Index Report

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The BEPS Pillar Two Readiness Index is a quarterly pulse check for gauging readiness across global tax jurisdictions subject to BEPS Pillar Two measures. This survey seeks to provide valuable insights into the implementation of international tax policies and their impact on businesses across the globe. The insights gained from the Wolters Kluwer BEPS Pillar Two Readiness Index are aimed to better guide impacted organisations through the complexities of Pillar Two with valuable information that aids in their strategic planning and decision-making around BEPS Pillar Two obligations. 

The survey was conducted in September and October 2023 and targeted tax professionals working for in-house tax teams. This report synthesises the insights gathered with analysis representing a global cross-section of organisations that meet the Pillar Two reporting requirements.

Many organisations appear unprepared for BEPS Pillar Two, with 53.94% still only in the early stages of monitoring and assessment.

Download the full report to discover the key findings, opportunities and challenges faced by multinational organisations relating to Pillar Two.

Key findings:

  • Encouragingly, 73.44% of organisations have initiated their BEPS Pillar Two journey, though 53.94% remain in the early stages of monitoring and assessment.
  • The primary challenges identified include understanding data requirements (37.63%) and limited resources (26.88%). 
  • Group challenges were notably strong, with issues such as varying jurisdictions' timing for enacting legislation and engaging non-tax stakeholders being prominent.
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