Tax & AccountingMay 02, 2022

Justified trust & GST: Staying ahead of the ATO’s GST assurance program

By:Sue Zhao

On-demand presentation

Practical advice on what the ATO expects from corporates and how Wolters Kluwer can help you stay ahead and meet your GST reporting obligations.

The ATO’s Justified Trust program has brought GST to the forefront with large corporates in Australia. The program seeks greater assurance that large corporate taxpayers are reporting the right amount of GST. In 2020-2021, the ATO reported it “raised $2.3 billion in liabilities through client engagement activities”. This success only strengthens the ATO’s mandate to rapidly ramp up the GST assurance program, putting tax teams under continued pressure to get their house in order.

This 45-minute on-demand session will provide you with a practical overview of the ATO’s GST justified trust assurance reviews. Presented by Sue Zhao - Enterprise Software Product Owner at Wolters Kluwer, she will provide advice on how you can bolster your organisation’s tax governance to assist you in staying ahead of the ATO’s tax data control requirements.

Sue will also provide a practical overview and insights on the following:

1. Justified trust: Key concerns

A review of the four pillars of justified trust in the context of GST assurance reviews and contrast the impact of receiving a High or Low rating.

2. Aim high for GST compliance

Practical guidance on how to improve your GST assurance review rating, including considerations from the ATO’s “GST governance, data testing and transaction testing guide”.

3. The foundation for GST assurance

How Wolters Kluwer’s award-winning tax technology for corporates has been designed to meet the requirements of the GST assurance reviews. By removing workload complexity from your corporate tax team, you’ll see how the CCH Integrator - Corporate Indirect Tax solution can bolster your GST governance and meet your compliance obligations with the ATO.

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Sue Zhao
Enterprise Software Product Manager, Wolters Kluwer
CCH Integrator Indirect Tax Solution
A streamlined and cost-effective multi-country GST/VAT solution to support indirect tax processes. Support GST/VAT governance and reporting with centralised data collation and interrogation with e-Filing now available in Australia.
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