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Tax & AccountingComplianceFinanceMay 27, 2021

Approved Major Exporter Scheme (AMES) - report to be prepared for exemption

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), on 9th April 2021 has published the reports that need to be prepared by Manufacturers or traders who are exempted under the Approved Major Exporter Scheme (AMES) are required to prepare the following reports:


  • AMES — 03: monthly statement for movement of taxable goods by trader under AMES

Manufacturer of exempted goods:

  • AMES — 04: monthly statement for movement of raw materials, components, packaging and packaging materials

  • AMES — 04A: monthly statement for export/local sales of exempted finished goods.

Trader or manufacturer — non-compliance:

  • AMES — 02: declaration form to be furnished when making payment of sales tax arising from non-compliance with the AMES conditions.
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