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How to promote your services on your accounting firm website

One of the key areas of your website that visitors will be most interested in will be the services you offer. Do you offer the service they require? Or do you offer a service that they didn’t actually know they wanted until they visited your site? Optimising your services content for search engines can also be a great way to attract visitors to your website.

Here are five effective methods to help you attract new clients with strong services content.

Make sure your content is relevant and accurate

When visitors are reading through your services they need to know that what you say you offer is actually what you offer. Make sure that all services you have to offer are represented on your website and ensure the tone of your content represents your target audience.

Highlight and promote any services that are unique to your firm

Are you offering any unique services or special offers? Consider promoting these on your homepage in a specially designed feature panel or image slider.

If you would like to explore ways on how to best feature your services on your website homepage or throughout your site please contact us and we can discuss options with you. We also suggest taking a look through our online portfolio for some inspiration and examples of our previous work.

Choose how to display your services

How you display your services will affect the user experience and likelihood of visitors staying on the page. Consider making your content eye catching and easy to access and understand.

If you don’t have a lot of services and only concentrate on a core few (four or five) then a single page with a heading and paragraph for each may be all you need.

If you offer a wide range of services you may want to categorise them in to sub navigation items, for example ‘Business Services’, ‘Tax & Audit Services’ and ‘Specialist Services’ and then include pages for each individual services under those categories. An example of this can be seen here.

Alternatively you could opt for a more visual approach by representing each service with an icon to give your page a bit more character. Click here to see an example of how you can make your services stand out with icons. Contact us to find out how our team can implement this easy to manage icon set up on your website.

Service plans

Many firms offer service plans or packages that cater to a variety of client situations. Your website is an ideal place to promote these. If you are wanting to add these to your website, or want to better display the ones you already have, we can help with that. We can design something unique to your firms offerings, or contact us to find out about utilising our templated Service Plan feature in your website – visit the Service Plans demonstration page.

Get your services noticed on search engines

Potential clients may be using search engines such as Google to search for an accountant or financial planner. Optimising your services content, especially a specific or unique service that you want to draw attention to, so that they show up during a search is a great way to attract visitors to your site.

Here are some helpful tips that may enhance your services content search engine rankings:

Use unique and accurate page titles

The ‘title’ tag tells search engines what the topic of each page is, and is generally what is displayed as the first line within the search results of the search engine as well as in your browser tab to tell visitors about your page.

The title tags should:

  • Accurately describe the particular page’s content – ideally the words you use in the title tag should also appear somewhere in the actual page content. It is best practice to create unique titles for each page within your site.
  • Be brief and descriptive – too many characters and they won’t show in a Google search. We recommend no more than 60 characters so being specific and precise with your wording is the best approach here.

A tool that may help with establishing keywords to use when writing content, titles and descriptions is Google’s ‘Keyword Analysis Tool‘ — this provides a way of looking up search volumes for particular phrases and provides suggestions for alternative phrases and their search volumes.

Make use of page description meta tags

The page description provides a summary of what a particular page is about. Really just an expansion of the title tag, this is generally the information that will be displayed below a search result of the search engine so like the title tag, it is best to use accurate and specific wording.

As Google recommends having a unique description for each page within your site to help make the search results more useful for users so they can easily see what a page relates to, creating a unique description for each service page will help to distinguish them from one another rather than using a general description for all service pages. You may however wish to include some key services within the description of your home page.

One thing to keep in mind is that a Google search result will only show the first 150 characters of your description so it is best to try and keep your search description within this character limit.

Do you have questions or want more information?

If you would like to talk to us more about your services content and options on how to display and promote them please feel free to contact us.

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