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Tax & AccountingComplianceMarch 02, 2021

2021 Resolution: Get your technology infrastructure in shape


As you prepare for the year ahead, think about your firm’s goals and how you will achieve them. Although you may not be ready to make major changes before tax season, you may find that a few simple adjustments can save a lot of time without a large time investment. Additionally, evaluating your technology infrastructure now can help you plan for the rest of the year. You can get started now on the changes that will subsequently help your firm grow in the future.

Shorter-term technology infrastructure improvements – for instance, electronic portals and e-signature tools, can help you collaborate remotely with clients. You can also explore ways to leverage your firm’s existing data, like a predictive intelligence system that pinpoints client needs or dashboards that help you identify inefficiencies.

In the longer term, however, you may want to consider which technologies will help with a digital transformation. For example, your firm could benefit from implementing more robust document management tools, adopting more efficient billing and invoicing processes, or even transforming your firm’s workflows through integration and automation. These types of changes may require more planning, so it can be useful to start thinking about them now, while they are fresh in your memory.

Many resources are available to help you gather the information you need to make technology decisions for your firm. Consider which challenges you would most like to solve. The resources below can help you evaluate your technology infrastructure and plan for change in the new year.

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