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Learn how to get started with an UpToDate account available through your organization. In this section, find UpToDate overview materials, and learn how to register for an account through your organization, maintain access, and use the UpToDate mobile app.

UpToDate Mobile App

To research clinical questions on-the-go, download the UpToDate mobile app. Registered users and individual subscribers can install the mobile app on up to two devices. The UpToDate app is available in most countries.

iOS® users: The UpToDate Mobile App for iOS works with any iPhone® or iPad® running the latest two versions of iOS.

Android™ users: The UpToDate Mobile App for Android works with Android devices running the latest two versions of Android OS that have at least 50 MB of free phone memory. SD card installation is supported.

To get started, visit the device app store, search for UpToDate, and download the app.

UpToDate Mobile App
video screen - Mobile Apps
Watch Video
This short demo shows you how to install the UpToDate Mobile App and reviews its features and functionality. Please note: Access to UpToDate through our mobile apps requires and individual subscription or institutional UpToDate access.
Redeem CME on mobile
screenshot of CME redemption screen in UpToDate
Watch Video
Learn how to quickly and easily redeem CME/CE/CPD credits right form the UpToDate Mobile App.

Additional Information

  • How to sign into the Mobile App

    Sign in using existing UpToDate credentials. The app will complete a one-time startup process. This may take a few minutes. Credentials will be saved going forward for uninterrupted mobile app access.

    mobile log in

  • How to find clinical answers in the Mobile App

    Once accepting the end user license agreement terms, the mobile app home screen will appear.

    • Conduct a search by typing the search term in the search box. Upon typing a search term, UpToDate will provide suggestions for common searches. Select the relevant search term.
    search utd mobile app 
    • Or, tap the microphone icon to conduct a search using voice (the microphone will need to be enabled on the UpToDate app to use this feature). Using voice search will go directly to the topic search results page.
    mobile speak to search 
    • Select the topic of interest or use the filters at the top to narrow a search.
    mobile heart failure search results 
    • Similar to the desktop view, scroll through the outline to browse the complete table of contents.

    Note the bottom toolbar to:

    Toggle between the outline and the full topic

    Bookmark a topic

    Find a key word within a topic

    Adjust the text size, share the topic, send content feedback, and print

    mobile app bottom tool bar

  • How to navigate the Mobile App

    Use the hamburger menu in the top right to return to the home screen at any time and for quick access to drug interactions, calculators, CME, history and bookmarks, and Settings.

    • Contents: An index of Contents, including Practice Changing Updates (link to end user academy page), What’s New topics (link to end user academy page), Calculators, Authors and Editors by Specialty, and Topics by Specialty.
    • Calculators: Access UpToDate's medical calculators and view them alphabetically or by specialty. To get your answers even faster, the three calculators used most often are displayed in the History & Bookmarks section. Learn more
    • Drug Interactions: In-depth analysis of drug-drug, herb-drug and herb-herb interactions. Learn more 
    • UpToDate Pathways: Interactive guides that are unique to each patient, resulting in a specific care recommendation. Only available to users at organizations licensing UpToDate Advanced™. Learn more
    • History & Bookmarks: Revisit previously viewed topics, view most visited topics, and view bookmarked topics
    • CME/MOC/State: Earn and redeem CME/CE/CPD right on mobile. See additional information below.
    • Settings: Access personalization options, including Search in Your Own Language, adjust text size, and Full Screen Reading.
    • Offline Content: Available to subscribing organizations. See additional information below.
    • Help: Access how-to-guides and resources on how to access and use UpToDate.
    • Send App Feedback: Provide feedback and send it directly to UpToDate.
    • Log Out: Log out of the UpToDate app.

    mobile hamburger menu 1

  • How to earn and redeem CME/MOC on mobile

    As you use UpToDate, you earn CME or CE credits. Your credits are displayed on the home screen in the top left hand corner.

    To review and redeem CME, click the credit count in the top left or use the hamburger menu and select CME/MOC/State.

    CME MOC on mobile hamburger menu 

    For more information on how to earn and redeem CME settings on mobile, visit the Earning and Redeeming CME credits page.

  • How to use UpToDate MobileComplete™ (Offline Content)

    When you need answers but do not have consistent access to a Wi-Fi or network connection, UpToDate MobileComplete lets you continue your work without interruption. Please check with your organization to see if it provides this mobile option.

    Visit the hamburger menu in the top right navigation and tap Offline Content – Set Up. Select the content you wish to have downloaded to the device. A check mark will appear when the download is complete.

    mobile app offline content set up

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