Kluwer IP Law offers guidance on every aspect of Intellectual Property Licensing in an international context.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing can be of strategic use for any business, by changing your IP rights in assets and creating additional revenue streams. Sell, give permission to use and other forms of collaboration will open new markets and strengthen your products.

Learn many useful insights into both the law and practice involved in international intellectual property licensing.

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Kluwer IP Law has expert content and practical tools dedicated to International Intellectual Property Licensing like:

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A single resource that comprehensively addresses issues that arise from local and cross-border licensing

International Licensing and Technology Transfer: Practice and the Law
provides an authoritative, single-source commentary on licensing in an international context. The expert content by practitioners for practitioners delivers:

  • A Master Agreement to be used as a template;
  • Clause-by-Clause, country-by-country, commentary;
  • Insights on how clauses will likely be interpreted;
  • Step-by-Step explanations on the stages involved in preparing to enter and negotiating a license agreement, including chapters on due diligence and determining royalty rates; and
  • Chapters on tax and antitrust issues associated with international license agreements.

Editors: Adam Liberman, Peter Chrocziel and Russell Levine

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Kluwer Intellectual Property Law

Licensing has grown in complexity, to stay on top of all the current developments, Kluwer IP Law offers a wide range of solutions that will help you with entering in a license agreement and benefit from:

  • New revenue streams
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Gaining freedom to operate
  • Avoiding anti-trust or anti-competition risks
  • Gaining ancillary know-how
  • Creating new markets
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