DTAA Comparison tool facilitates the Article number or Article Type/ Subject wise comparison across all the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement entered by India. The main objective of this Practice Tool is to compare the DTAA's:  

  • For two or more Countries.
  • For one or more Article Numbers/ Subject relating to two or more Countries.
  • Same Country for different Articles.
  • From the authentic and updated Database.

The tool captures the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements which has been entered by India with more than 90 countries, well-structured and updated with authentic information. It helps comparing different Articles of these DTAAs for one or more than one country in tabular form.

 This DTAA Comparison Software Tool is a valuable tool for the professionals involved in Structuring International transactions for their Organisation, or providing Advisory and Consultancy services for their clients. It saves time by extracting relevant Article for different Countries in one window.

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