The only DVD product that combines world class commentary, comprehensive collection of headnotes, updated statutes, backward and forward linkage of cases in one media.


Comprehensive and complete coverage of cases

  • Over 97,000 full text judgments and orders of Supreme Court, High Courts, ITATs and AAR.
  • Includes cases from Privy Council, Federal Court and the Provincial Courts.
  • Coverage of all cases reported in ITR, CTR, TAXMAN, TTJ, ITD, SOT and ITR Tribunal.
  • Comprehensive coverage of important Special Leave Petitions (SLPs).

High quality headnotes

High quality headnotes, that rank as one of the best in the industry. CTR headnotes cover every issue in a case and are relied upon by professionals.


  • Updated Direct Taxes Laws and Practice by Dr. Girish Ahuja and Dr. Ravi Gupta available.
  • Very high quality and reliable commentary, covering every important case in the High Courts and Supreme Court.

Updated legislation

  • Duly updated Acts, Rules and Allied Laws related to Direct Taxation.
  • Circulars, Notifications, Press Notes, Orders issued by CBDT.
  • All Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) between India and Other Countries.
  • Allied Legislation referred to in the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Updated and fillable forms provided.
  • Analysis of cases - forward and backward linkage of cases.
  • Comprehensive and updated analysis of Cases - whether a case has been referred, distinguished, dissented, relied or over ruled.

Queries and replies

  • Queries and Replies: Queries asked by the subscribers and replies given by tax experts.


  • Over 4500 articles contributed by authoritative and eminent professionals in the area of direct taxes.

Ready Reckoner

  • Updated Ready Reckoner authored by Dr. Girish Ahuja and Dr. Ravi Gupta

Advanced Search

  • User friendly and sophisticated search engine.
  • Advanced Topic Finder - integrates the table of contents and full text search into a single and easily accessible option with a 'Quick Find' option to locate an entry in table of contents.
  • Global Word Search - made for a Chartered Accountant to search in a particular section and category of the data with further option to refine the searches.
  • Collective Search - enables search on ten different parameters at one go.
  • The advanced search engine capabilities translate into very quick search & display of relevant information.


  • Up to 20 search results can be saved.
  • Personal notes can be added to the legislation, cases and commentary and can be saved on the user's machine.

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