FinanceOctober 04, 2023

Using AI to enhance your Predictive Planning and Forecasting: FP&A Trends Webinar

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This FP&A Trends webinar explores how organizations are leveraging Predictive Planning and Forecasting, a game-changing approach powered by AI and machine learning, to uplevel their planning capabilities.

In times of rapid shifts and uncertainties, traditional planning processes that relied on the assumption of a predictable future are no longer sufficient.

To enhance their planning capabilities, organizations are turning to Predictive Planning and Forecasting (PPF), a game-changing approach powered by AI and machine learning technologies. This practice empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

In this webinar organized with FP&A Trends, senior finance practitioners and thought leaders share their practical insights and real-world experiences on how to leverage Predictive Planning and Forecasting to uplevel your planning strategies.

The speakers:

  • Parth Kulkarni, Director of Finance at Adobe
  • Jonathan Laverentz, Global Head of Planning Innovation, CCH® Tagetik at Wolters Kluwer
  • Olga Rudakova, Finance Professional and International FP&A Board Ambassador

Watch the FP&A Trends Webinar "Using AI to enhance your Predictive Planning and Forecasting"

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