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2022 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® EPM Market Study

The 2022 Dresner Wisdom of Crowds® EPM Market Study is designed to help organizations understand the current user perceptions, intentions, and realities associated with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software.

Dresner Advisory Services awarded CCH Tagetik top marks in this EPM market study

For the second consecutive year, Dresner named CCH Tagetik: 

  • An experience leader in its Customer Experience Model  
  • A credibility leader in its Vendor Credibility Model 

CCH Tagetik was also given a perfect recommendation score by customers and identified as best in class for product scalability and integration with third-party technologies.

Why CCH Tagetik excelled

In Dresner’s analysis of 22 customer experiences, the reviews of the CCH Tagetik expert solution as a comprehensive unified solution for financial close, integrated planning and regulatory compliance were exemplary.   

CCH Tagetik was lauded for its recent improvements, which include: 

  • Finance-forward supply chain planning, which is part of its integrated business planning 
  • The new solution: CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability Performance Management 
  • Enhanced account reconciliation and transaction matching

What is EPM?

According to the study, EPM allows organizations to plan for internal and external factors based on future performance and business outcomes. This includes strategic, operational, and financial planning and forecasting. EPM systems have reporting and analytics capabilities for goal and objective setting and performance monitoring. 

Learn more about how CCH Tagetik compares to other software vendors, and why we’re leading the EPM market. Read the full report.

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