UpToDate Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp) supports the pharmacists of today and tomorrow

As the role of pharmacists evolves to take on more responsibilities for patient care, you need a trusted drug reference solution that will provide you with the latest drug information anytime, anywhere you need it.

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Get the critical drug information you need

UpToDate® Lexidrug provides trusted drug content and decision support tools to help you provide the best possible care and education to your patients. With the extensive breadth and depth of drug content available from Lexidrug, you can quickly connect to the information you need to make appropriate and confident prescribing, dosing, and administering decisions.

Keep up with ever-changing care and technology needs
Lexidrug is constantly innovating to meet the needs of pharmacists, wherever you practice across the healthcare continuum. With the Lexidrug mobile app, you can access drug referential content with exclusive tools and databases on your smartphone or tablet. 
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