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The importance of medical librarians in hospitals and health systems is only growing in the face of a rapidly evolving ecosystem. And yet, as the speed of new medical research, technology, and information accelerates, budgets and resourcing declines.

Since medical librarians impact the entire scope of care by curating and providing essential information, and supporting research and clinical studies, they have to be prudent in selecting the best content partners for their institutions.

This is why medical librarians value the UpToDate® suite of solutions.

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Ready for the future of healthcare with UpToDate 

Thousands of clinicians, educators, and researchers at leading institutions follow a rigorous editorial process to ensure you and your healthcare system have all the information you need to support amazing care. Unify care teams and cover more topics and more evidence than any other solution in the market with UpToDate Enterprise Suite, a unified suite of clinical decision support solutions.

Access an informative guide that discusses why medical librarians prefer UpToDate for the care teams they serve.

UpToDate value for medical librarians

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How medical librarians and UpToDate work together
When both trainees and seasoned professionals need support for research and reviews, they rely on medical librarians to connect them to the right resources, and with UpToDate, they can expedite that task without compromising quality.

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The shared values of medical librarians and UpToDate
Medical librarians and UpToDate share the same values and the same commitment to the rigor and quality of medical information. UpToDate combines editorial rigor and usability to provide fast, accurate information anytime, anywhere.

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A preferred tool for hospitals and health systems
Millions of clinicians around the world and two-thirds of U.S. hospitals use UpToDate in the workflow. That’s why medical librarians know UpToDate provides value in their collection as a key clinical literature reference and point-of-care tool.

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Helping consumers and patients make informed decisions
Medical librarians help patients and consumers find relevant, authoritative health information. As a resource, UpToDate offers nearly 1,500 patient education topics on medical conditions and procedures so patients can make informed decisions about their care.

Proof that the UpToDate suite of solutions will amplify the impact of medical librarians

Medical Library Association webinar, "Raise your strategic value to clinicians," now on demand

The role of medical and hospital librarians is rapidly changing and evolving; at the same time, we are experiencing a revolution in how medical information is exchanged and distributed. Changes in scholarly communication, the digital transformation of medical journals, the movement to open science, and the rapid pace of experimentation and research have made it extremely difficult for physicians and clinicians to keep current with medical literature, especially at the point of care. A moderated panel of expert practicing medical librarians will explore the challenges faced in communicating their intrinsic value to the institutions and organizations they serve.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

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Runtime approximately 1 hour.
  • Value for the Whole Staff

Without UpToDate, I would order more tests and admit more patients. With UpToDate, I can justify my admissions, which also helps with reimbursements.
Dr. Barbara Jill McCabe

Medical Library Association webinar: Doing more while avoiding burnout: Helping medical librarians balance emerging demand

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Medical librarians contribute significantly to improved patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality. They play a critical role in ensuring clinicians have the latest evidence-based information needed to provide the best possible patient care. The volume of healthcare information grows daily, with estimates that by 2025, the compound annual growth rate of data for healthcare will reach 36%. One potential consequence of this dynamic: more librarians are facing burnout. Please join us for this moderated panel of practicing medical librarians who will share their insights on their role in empowering clinicians and patients to have access to reliable and up-to-date information and on how to balance their core responsibilities and new expectations while avoiding dissatisfaction and burnout.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.
Runtime approximately 1 hour.

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