Drive improved outcomes, stakeholder satisfaction and organizational ROI

To make informed decisions across multiple functions, payer organizations need access to the best evidence and insights. UpToDate® Enterprise Suite and Medi-Span® provide evidence-based solutions that can help payers grow their impact and better support members and customers.

UpToDate Enterprise Suite is a globally trusted suite of solutions that can drive improved outcomes, member satisfaction, and organizational return-on-investment (ROI). By leveraging evidence from leading experts, payer organizations can make better decisions and improve their overall performance.

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UpToDate helps your organization with the following

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Medical management

  • Set policy and design benefits with defensible, evidence-based decision support at scale.
  • Unify your teams with content that is continually updated to drive alignment and reduce payer, provider, and member friction.
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Care management

  • Reach more members with our AI-driven, innovative technology solutions.
  • Build member trust by encouraging healthy behaviors that align with clinical plans of care.
  • Confidently take a consumer-first approach by meeting members where, when, and how they want to be engaged.
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Drug decisioning and management

  • Leverage seamless workflow integration with a mix of referential content and machine-to-machine readable content to achieve fast, effective decision-making grounded in evidence.
  • Benefit from the depth and breadth of our referential drug data to support formulary development, claims adjudication, utilization management, and more.

Evidence-based content that aligns across the healthcare ecosystem

Healthcare payers make decisions every day to help members access the right care in the right place. To be efficient, effective, and able to scale these decisions across an increasingly complex landscape, payers need trusted, evidence-based content that can adapt to their workflows. UpToDate® suite of solutions and Medi-Span are trusted across the healthcare continuum and can support the efforts of payer teams.

  • Consistent content enables clinical decision making in-workflow with the same evidence-based information clinicians trust.
  • Ensure benefit designs, claims management, and other decision makers have current, accurate disease and drug information.
  • Provide your team with anytime, anywhere access to world-class medical information.
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