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LWW UpToDate Reviewed Journals Collection 2024

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Access clinically-oriented journals published by LWW and reviewed and referenced in topic reviews from UpToDate. Two 2 journals added for 2024!

Hepatology and Liver Transplantation included in 2024!

Quickly and cost-effectively build your electronic journal holdings with this convenient collection of must-have journals from LWW that span a range of clinical research specialties - including oncology, surgery, epidemiology, neurology, and more. Each of the titles has been reviewed for and referenced in UpToDate topic reviews.

UpToDate®, a sister company of Ovid’s within Wolters Kluwer Health, offers synoptic, evidence-based information for fast, convenient use at the point of care. Participating clinicians and physicians review the available literature and the latest evidence, and provide care recommendations.
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