Access a suite of industry-leading Clinical Surveillance and Compliance applications on one powerful platform—SoleSource

  • POC Advisor  

    Ensure early and accurate sepsis care. AI-powered algorithms give you a 6-hour head start over simple EHR alerts so patients receive the right care at the right time. Outcomes improve. Costs decrease
  • Sentri7® 

     Real-time identification of at-risk patients, consistent evidence-based guidance and robust analytics to drive improvements in medication use, cost containment, infection prevention and antimicrobial and opioid stewardship.  
  • Simplifi 797® 

    System-wide standardization tools for USP <795>, <797> and <800> compliance to help you avoid financial and reputational risk. Create efficiencies and consistencies across facilities by standardizing policies and procedures, processes, and training to improve patient and staff safety.
  • Simplifi+ MedStorage

    Improve medication storage compliance - Prioritize patient safety while streamlining and automating medication storage outside the pharmacy. 
  • Quantifi 

    Streamline how pharmacy teams document interventions so they can clearly demonstrate the value they deliver and improve the quality of care.


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