As accountants, you’re used to focusing on working with the figures your clients send you.
That can leave precious little time to look at your own metrics of success.
At Wolters Kluwer, we understand the time pressures that accountants face. The beauty of our solution is that it alerts accountants in real time when they have met certain pre-set conditions. This ensures accuracy and efficiency, freeing up your time to focus on client-centric work. We also offer a fully interactive and holistic dashboard, which can visually summarise your practice’s growth.

We offer the following solutions to help accountants track KPIs and business performance:

CCH KPI Monitoring

CCH KPI Monitoring automates your repetitive tasks, alerts you when an action is required, and updates you in real time when you reach the targets you've set.
This helps you to make informed business decisions, with a complete view of your accounting KPIs and metrics – anywhere, anytime.

Bundled together

Power BI

Power BI is a visualisation and data discovery tool from Microsoft. It allows users to convert data into visuals and graphics.
You can therefore analyse that data with ease, and collaborate across interactive dashboards and reports tailored to your practice's needs.

Why choose the bundle?

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

You’ll be equipped to make better-informed business decisions.

Minimised risk

Minimised risk

You can identify issues before they become problems.

Real-time data

Real-time data
You can operate more efficiently with the information at your disposal.

Working mobility

Working mobility

you’ll always be in touch with business performance, wherever you are.

Why choose Wolters Kluwer?

Wolters Kluwer works with accountancy practices of all sizes across the UK. Our employees work side by side with our customers to create and manage solutions. CCH KPI Monitoring is created based on a deep understanding of accountants’ needs, to address the rapid changes in their environment.

Our customer stories

  • CCH KPI Monitoring

We’ve been using CCH KPI Monitoring since 2006. The alerts we’re running have proved very useful. Each alert can be customised to match individual requirements.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson
  • CCH KPI Monitoring

We're definitely seeing a return.
In fact, it would be difficult
to live without the CCH KPI Monitoring
software now.

Ryecroft Glenton

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