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Legal03 June, 2020

Whitepaper: Using Predictive Analytics to Choose the Best Law Firm

Find a competitive edge with new technology

Your organization’s ability to find a competitive edge often means looking at new technology and considering how to apply it to achieve business objectives.

For years, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and predictive analytics have been seen as crucial technologies to help you gain that competitive edge.

However, throwing technology at a problem often results in its own conundrum: are we using technology for its own sake, or are we using it to solve specific business problems?

Read this whitepaper to learn how predictive analytics can:

  • Help you find the right law firm at the right cost for a litigated matter.
  • Use your spend and matter data to rank your firms and provide decision support.
  • Make smart people even smarter, giving your professionals a leg up.

Download the whitepaper

Predictive Insights
The LegalVIEW Predictive Insights Module uses AI to rank the best law firms for litigated matters using predictive budget and cycle time data mixed with client-weighted criteria
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