Health04 December, 2016

Case study: Hallmark Health pharmacists increase interactions with patients using clinical decision support

Sentri7 technology and others have allowed the pharmacists to leave the pharmacy and visit patient floors.

Each pharmacist is armed with a laptop that allows them to monitor what is going on with patients no matter where they are in the hospital. Pharmacists regularly meet with patients before they are discharged from the hospital to discuss the medications they are taking, who can help them track and refill their prescriptions as well as tips for increasing medication compliance, as medication non- compliance is one of the top reasons patients get re-admitted to the hospital.

Noticing the benefits gained by switching to Sentri7 technology, we’ve created this case study to help you:

  • Find out how Sentri7’s powerful surveilllance software helps pharmacists quickly respond to changes in patients’ response to medications, leading to better outcomes.
  • Evaluate real calculations based on the evidence-based formulas within the Sentri7 software.
  • Learn how Sentri7 technology increases patient safety, ensures appropriate medication utilization and reduces pharmacy costs.
  • Find out how Sentri7 allows healthcare providers to be in two places at once, while working side-by-side.

Download the case study


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Sentri7's sophisticated algorithms identify at-risk patients in real-time by breaking down data silos that exist across hospitals and driving consistent clinical action. All to improve patient outcomes and hospital performance.
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