Tax & Accounting20 March, 2023

The Future of Financial Reporting and Forecasting in Modern Accountancy

In the wake of a global pandemic, the importance of financial reporting and forecasting has never been more critical.

As Britain traverses a long and uncertain economic road, amid persistently high inflation and signs of a slowing global economy, businesses need to ensure they have perspective at all times. The ability to produce a 360-degree view of a business, based on real-time data, is now paramount.

Like all businesses, accountancy practices must have a clear view of the threats and opportunities that may impact their clients. This equips them to advise on what financial decisions can help achieve the best possible outcomes. They also need to produce timely and relevant financial forecasts in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape of business variables. Many of the old tools and technologies that practices are still using will not make the cut in this age of uncertainty. And there’s no time like the present to re-evaluate.

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