Empowering patients and improving health outcomes with consumer education

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Build a health library for pharmacy consumers
Whether through a browsable online portal or personalized links sent to consumers, sharing trusted educational materials reinforces the pharmacy’s critical role in the healthcare journey.

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How can you make sure people trust your digital health technology?

Americans increasingly entrust their care to apps and telemedicine providers. While they benefit from having more options for digital health technology, choosing among them can be challenging without trustworthy means to compare costs and quality.

Where should one seek help for back pain, diabetes, or other chronic problems?
How can individuals be confident that virtual care technologies are committed to their well-being?

For people to trust your virtual care technology from day one, you must:

  • Easily provide healthcare consumers with evidence-based, updated content that clinicians and payers know and trust.
  • Target specific outcomes through customizable content sets designed to support various digital health applications — whether you're building digital triage flows, digital care plans, or other consumer health applications.
  • Scale your development and focus on consumer satisfaction beyond UX with best-in-class patient content and tools that can align throughout your entire healthcare journey.

Proven consumer education for digital health technology and pharmacy portals

Current research shows that patients and consumers want education and information about their health and how to manage it. They increasingly turn to online sources and health apps when they need clarity. However, these sources are not always reliable. With UpToDate Consumer Education, virtual care platforms, technology companies, and retail pharmacies can empower their customers and their customers’ patients and consumers with access to some of the most widely used and trusted educational health content from the UpToDate editorial team.

Improving health outcomes with aligned virtual care technology

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From telehealth to online refills, consumers and patients have many options for their healthcare. While having more choices is good, people’s attention span and motivation is now very dependent on the quality of their experiences. Are the expectations for virtual care the same? And are providers and health plans on the same page?

Virtual care and digital health technology companies and product innovators can play a vital role in aligning and meeting the expectations of clinicians, patients, and health plans to drive healthcare forward. Discover key opportunities in our new whitepaper, Aligning Virtual Care Delivery to Consumer Expectations.

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Search and browse digital health content

Build your own searchable and browsable digital health library that enables patients to answer common health questions.

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Select and share health consumer content

Access a browsable digital health library that enables clinicians to easily select health consumer content for delivery.

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Suggest and

Automatically suggest content based on coded or clinical terms in workflow.

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Curate and

Browse, select content, and create embedded links to build a unique digital experience.

UpToDate Consumer Education offers a complete collection of health consumer content and APIs to support optimal engagement via web and digital experiences

Digital Health Architect Overview

multimedia programs

disease, procedure, and medication articles

condition, procedure, anatomy overview videos

languages for select content, with most content in English and Spanish

Ready to elevate your digital health technology with best-in-class consumer education content?

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Learn more about key opportunities for driving healthcare forward in our new whitepaper, Aligning Virtual Care Delivery to Consumer Expectations.
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