CCH Portal helps you and your clients:

With the growing international trend toward increased security for electronic document transfer, the use of unencrypted email for confidential documents is becoming unacceptable. Now is the time to maximize the security of sensitive information, and start sharing, storing and organizing documents the intelligent way.

  • Access vital documents immediately from any location with Internet access via a secure, private repository.
  • Organize documents electronically in cabinets and folders that mirror the way you store paper documents.
  • Easily upload documents of all sizes without relying on an FTP server.
  • Designate files as Read-Only or Read/Write for easier access and greater security.
  • Check out documents to prevent other users from editing while they are being updated.
  • Maintain previous file versions in the document history.
  • Search, filter, and display documents by file type, title, creator, key word and more.


With CCH Portal, you can share PDFs, Web pages, hyperlinks, Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft® Visio diagrams, Microsoft® Word documents, PowerPoint® presentations, and financial software data files, among others. For example, your clients can now upload their QuickBooks® files to CCH Portal, eliminating the need to exchange DVDs.


Taking advantage of instant access lets your clients view their documents with minimal effort on the part of your firm.

Tax Returns — With CCH Portal, a single mouse click makes an entire tax return available for client review. After reviewing the return, your client simply signs the e-filing release and faxes it to you. The return is now ready for electronic filing.

Financial Records — Clients often need the prior two years’ tax returns to secure bank loans or for legal purposes. Simply publish the tax returns and source documents to CCH Portal, and your client can securely access them at any time.


With CCH Portal, your clients will experience unmatched convenience through instant access to their documents – including tax returns, financial statements and source documents. Meanwhile, your firm will benefit from reduced overhead and greater efficiency.


CCH Portal will tightly integrate with other products in the CCH Accountants’ Suite including Taxprep®, CCH Engagement, and CCH Document.

When implemented in conjunction with CCH Document SaaS, additional CCH Portal functionality will include the ability to create custom folders, file versioning capability, and full CCH Accountants’ Suite integration provided through CCH Document.