Integration with Taxprep

Eliminate costly duplication of effort by taking advantage of GIFI Dynalink which enables the real time data transfer of GIFI information between CCH Engagement and Taxprep. Users can Jump between CCH Engagement and Taxprep to see the source values in the trial balance, and their destination cells in the tax return. PDF copies of the completed Taxprep return can be stored in the CCH Engagement electronic binder.

Microsoft® Office Integration

From the moment you begin to set up a new client in Engagement, you maximize tools you already have by leveraging your investment in Microsoft Office software. CCH Engagement’s exclusive use of these applications allows you to save engagement related e-mails using new Outlook integration. Create new or incorporate existing Word and Excel workpapers and financial statements into electronic binders and automate them with links to client, engagement, and trial balance data.

PDF Converter

Print to PDF is an additional printing option that allows you to print one or more existing CCH Engagement workpapers to a new PDF workpaper, with options to combine and append. Additionally, you may print documents from any software application outside of CCH Engagement to our PDF converter, which inserts the resulting PDF workpapers into the CCH Engagement binder of your choice.

Finalizing the Engagement

Once the engagement is completed, finalization and archiving is accomplished in a few clicks. Server space is maximized, and calculations are locked down and secure, providing assurance that all of your work is safe and data integrity is maintained.

Central File Management

  • All clients and tax, assurance and consulting engagements are centrally managed through an intuitive Windows® Explorer-style file room. All documents are managed in native file format including scanned images, PDF files or any file type that can be launched from Window Explorer.
  • The location for creation and storage of client files is established during installation and then controlled by CCH Engagement; which reduces the risk of staff creating and saving client files in the wrong location and then losing or misplacing the data during transfer to the correct directory.
  • Creation of client groups allows firms to organize processing by grouping clients with common requirements. Client groups can be used as a filter when displaying clients in the Local File Room.

MSI Installation

MSI Installation has been implemented to allow CCH Engagement to be distributed to numerous computers across a network using Active Directory technology.

One-time staff set-up with Active Directory

Administrators can import existing network users from Active Directory and map them to the CCH Engagement staff table. The increased binder flexibility means users’ imports can be scheduled or done manually to best fit your firm’s busy schedule.

Automatic Roll forward

The powerful roll forward function simplifies your work on existing engagements.Instantly roll forward every engagement workpaper and report, automatically populating all Word and Excel financial statements and workpapers with current dates, account balances, and variances . Previously assigned staff continue to be tracked in the following year. Everything is ready for you to start work in the current year.

Dual Monitor compliant

Dual monitors can be used when opening multiple Adobe workpapers from within the Engagement binder, allowing two PDF workpapers to be viewed side by side.

Audit Documentation

To help you meet the requirements for completing and securing electronic client engagement files within a certain time period we have developed several tools to help track the date an engagement binder should be finalized. Different options for the documentation completion date and the retention period for each binder type can be set by the Administrator.

Import from Engagement Trial Balance

Now current and prior period balances from an existing trial balance may be imported across binders into a new trial balance within the current editor’s local file room. Your audit teams will be allowed to finalize their work to meet statutory regulations and accounting standards, while the imported balances will allow your tax teams to proceed with tax return preparation.
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