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What does automation mean for finance?

These companies have decided to automate their financial processes with CCH Tagetik. The members of the Office of Finance tell how automation has allowed them to gain more time for strategic activities, rely on greater accuracy of the data, get meaningful insight for better decision making. In short: going beyond basic finance.
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WEBVTT The speed at which we can now alter the picture, alter the data. It’s time saving without having to prepare manual templates for the budgeting and forecasting process. Being able to eliminate manual processes and really drive efficiencies. More automated reporting. Automating stuff that you can do once and repeat several times without any further thought required. We can model things so much more quickly.

We understand our business. We can deliver those bits of analysis to the board. Being able to manage bigger sets of data. The ability to access big data. That's the power of CCH Tagetik.

That’s the power of information, of data, of gathering data in one platform. Having good quality data that you can turn into meaningful, insightful information. We can spend more time in the analytics, right.

So through that we can find some new insights. Definitely predictive analytics.

Being able to make better smarter, faster decisions. You have a place where you can load both financial and non-financial data and easily report off of it. The ability to go beyond and have that flexibility in structure to cope with whatever problem we want to throw at it. Everything that you need for accounting and finance is right there. It’s really from A-to-Z. The breadth of the software.

The more I learn, the more I'm realizing we're just hitting the tip of the iceberg.

It’s all there for us to deploy later. If you’re watching this video it's probably because you're really thinking of buying CCH Tagetik, and/or, you just bought CCH Tagetik. Let me reassure you.

You made the right decision.

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