Kluwer IP Law is a partner when it comes to the protection of your innovation in the pharma sector worldwide. We support you through rich insights presented via a wide range of sources.

Manual IP - our flagship publication contains 238 jurisdictions covering patents, trademarks, utility models and designs for Pharma specialists. Extract the following information to assist in the prosecution of your IP rights:

  • Annuities and Fees from several jurisdictions in one overview
  • Kinds of Patents available
  • Duration of protection
  • Second Use
  • What may be patented
  • Treatment of the human body
  • Requirements for filing application
  • Rights of prior use
  • Infringement
  • Assignment
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Manual IP

Kluwer IP Law has an impressive collection on new perspectives and innovations in the pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical IP

Stay up to date on IP case law and other developments from the pharmaceutical sector.

Kluwer IP Law publishes widely on a variety of issues that will assist pharmaceutical patent practitioners:

  • Find pharma litigation cases that help protect the most valuable resource for companies worldwide
  • Read the latest peer-reviewed articles on pharma written by professionals from the industry
  • Pharma blog posts on IP Law by experts covering the latest cases and recent developments
If you would like to learn more about our Kluwer IP Law database or if you have any questions, please contact us:
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