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Tax & AccountingDecember 11, 2023

Scaled up practice with CCH ProSystem fx Engagement

For over a decade, Wolters Kluwer CCH ProSystem fx Engagement audit software has powered Singapore-based audit firm, Helmi Talib LLP. At a time of growth, Rocel Magtibay, who was one of the key stakeholders in the adoption of the software, says that “recognising the need for a digital transformation to support our growth, we understood that maintaining the status quo was not an option. Efficiency and productivity were a key focus and CCH ProSystem fx Engagement was the audit software we looked at straight away.”

Company details

Name: Helmi Talib LLP
Size: 75+ employees



  • Helped grow their practice through productivity gains
  • Three hours typical time in saving drafting financial statements
  • Standardised audit processes
  • Enhanced employer branding to attract new talent

From manual to digital

“At the time, all our work was manual,” she says. “We used Microsoft Excel and had a centralised digital file storage. We used lots of paper that posed great difficulty locating files. There’s also the challenge of each team having a different approach as different audit partners had a slightly different style, despite following set rules and guidelines.

As a growing firm, we needed to adopt new tools to keep developing the quality of our service delivery and make our work more efficient.”

“When we were presented with CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, the user experience, the reliability of the Wolters Kluwer CCH brand, and the support and features gave us confidence to choose this solution.”

We would not have been able to grow our practice this far over the years without tools like CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, which have made our Audit & Assurance work more productive and efficient.
Rocel Magtibay, Human Resources Director, Helmi Talib LLP

Tangible productivity gains

“With a common platform and tools, we now have a standardised process and repository. Definitely, productivity has increased. Wherever the team is, they can connect, do their fieldwork, come back to the office, and synchronise.

“There are many time-saving features as well. One example is the automatic synchronisation of figures to the Word Financial Statements once the numbers have been finalised and the trial balance updated through the Dynamic Trial Balance Link. It took us hours to do just that when we used to draft Financial Statements to Microsoft Word.

The auditors and managers can therefore focus on review rather than manual entry – one that previously took four hours but can now be done in just an hour. If it is linked inside CCH ProSystem Engagement, it’s churned out straight away, saving time whilst reducing the risk of human error.”

“Whenever the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) releases an update, Wolters Kluwer CCH ensures our peace of mind by providing updated working paper templates. This means you can stay confident about compliance, even in the event of regulatory and compliance reviews.”

Delivering more value to customers

In 2017, Helmi Talib LLP made the decision to adopt the Wolters Kluwer TeamMate Analytics solution.

“It took some time for us to fully integrate this tool into our workflow, and now is used for most engagements. Auditors deal with extensive data, and we aim to offer value-added service to clients. TeamMate Analytics enhances audit efficiency – for instance, in ‘sample selection,’ it swiftly identifies outliers, enabling us to generate more meaningful data,” she explained.

“The profession is rapidly adopting technological tools, and Helmi Talib LLP aims to be at the forefront of this change. We want this to start from the ground up – from associate level, so that we are providing more meaningful data and more value to our clients.”

We would recommend CCH ProSystem fx Engagement to firms looking for their first audit software; keep in mind you can only fully appreciate the value of the software when you are using all the features and are using it across the firm – from associates to partners.
Rocel Magtibay, Human Resources Director, Helmi Talib LLP

Building an employer brand

Adoption of audit software has also helped Helmi Talib LLP build a strong brand reputation which helps to attract and retain new talent.

“Despite being a small to medium-sized firm, having audit software makes us more appealing to candidates. The new generation of workforce seeks companies that offer both enhanced learning experiences and convenience.

“By leveraging CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and TeamMate Analytics, potential talent can expect learning opportunities with cutting-edge tools, all while simplifying their work life.”

To learn how CCH ProSystem fx Engagement can help your firm, enquire today.

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