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LegalFebruary 14, 2024

Podcast: The future of arbitration: evolution or revolution?

In this special episode of International Law Talk: Patricia Shaughnessy, Professor at Stockholm University and John Fellas, independent full-time arbitrator. The episode is a recurrence of John Fellas' speech ‘the future of arbitration: evolution or revolution?’, presented during the 20th Anniversary Conference of the International Commercial Arbitration Law program in Stockholm in August 2023. John Fellas' speech has been nominated for the 2024 GAR Awards.

Listen to the trailer below or the full discussion.

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Listen to the trailer: The future of arbitration: evolution or revolution? 
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This podcast episode is part of International Law Talk. Wolters Kluwer will bring you insightful analysis, commentary and discussion from thought leaders and experts on current topics in the field of International Arbitration, IP Law, International Tax Law, Competition Law and other international legal fields.
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