FinanceApril 19, 2023

How to align performance goals and financial targets

Aligning performance goals in 2023 can feel like an uphill battle. Learn how to drive profitable growth — together.

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CCH Tagetik for Integrated Business Planning (IBP) enables alignment, collaboration, and accountability across organizations by giving contributors inter-plan collaboration tools, a single source of approved data, and a process workflow that keeps all plans on track.

  • Streamline submissions, revisions, and approvals

  • Monitor KPIs through scorecards and dashboards

  • Refresh ad hoc analytics and reports with the latest metrics

  • Get real-time visibility into performance at any level

  • Expedite planning with built-in automation

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Integrated Business Planning
Bring visibility and agility to planning. Link the entire planning chain with one source of the truth.
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Integrated Business Planning
One platform, one plan, one set of numbers that run your business.
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