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Basel IV: Regulatory uncertainty – an opportunity to prepare

On-demand webinar hosted by

Date: May 20, 2020

Focusing on the latest developments in Basel regulatory framework, this webinar offers valuable insights from a panel of industry-experts on what is next for banks when managing Basel IV compliance and how the process may be impacted by the uncertainty around the Covid-19 crisis.

Topics discussed:

  • What does the Basel delay in light of Covid-19 mean for banks?
  • Integrating regulatory metrics across Capital, Market Risk, Liquidity, etc.
  • Moving from compliance to strategic capital planning
  • Prudential consolidation and the challenge of managing across multiple legal entities
  • How technology can…
    • Increase quality, consistency & control over an increasingly complex process
    • Scale up Basel IV performance to facility on-demand, forward looking metrics
    • Minimize cost and maintenance of ever-changing regulations
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