Drug Referential Content and Tools

The drug and drug interactions databases in UpToDate add another level of knowledge to clinical practice and help improve the quality and safety of care. In this section, learn how to search and navigate drug referential content, how to use the drug interactions tool, and how to utilize a hospital formulary integrated into UpToDate.

Customized Formulary

Formulink* integrated into UpToDate brings the hospital formulary front and center in the workflow to help simplify and improve the drug-ordering process. Learn how to easily access your hospital's formulary within UpToDate.
*Formulink integrated in UpToDate is available at subscribing organizations

Access Formularies
video screen - accessing your hospital's formulary
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Access your organization's formularies to simplify and improve drug ordering.

Additional information

  • How to access your hospital's formulary within UpToDate

    Please note: Formulink is only available for organizations that license Formulink.

    Once integrated, formulary information is available in UpToDate clinical topics as well as drug information topics. Within UpToDate clinical topics, click the formulary icon in the top right navigation to see an organization's formulary for drugs related to the selected topic.

    proton pump inhibitors formulary button

    proton pump inhibitors formulary drug info

    Hover over any drug name within a clinical topic to quickly see if it's included in the organization's formulary.

    esomeprazole formulary match

    Click on the drug name to go to a drug topic. Once in the drug information topic, see formulary names in the drug topic outline on the left side of the screen. Click on the name of the formulary or formularies in the center of the screen to expand and view more detailed information, such as formulary restrictions, dosage forms, and shortage management.

    hospital custom formulary in outline

    pantoprazole drug info in formulary

    If your hospital hasn't yet integrated your formulary, speak to your customer success manager or account manager for how to do so.

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