CCH Workpapers is a comprehensive set of Excel based workpapers for accounting professionals.

Why use CCH Workpapers with Xero?

  • Save time reconciling workpapers by importing and refreshing Xero ledger balances as you work
  • Improve efficiencies & accuracy further by uploading journals directly from CCH Workpapers to the Xero ledger
  • Easily add custom worksheets to the CCH Workpapers package and populate them with your Xero ledger balances as required
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How to connect
Connecting to Xero from CCH Workpapers is simple. Select Xero – API as your system type on the CCH Workpapers Setup sheet then click the Import GL data button on the CCH Workpapers tab in your Excel ribbon. Your default browser will open and you will be prompted to authorise the CCH Workpapers app to connect to your selected client. And that’s it – you’re connected!

Importing GL data (& refreshing GL data) pulls in this year and last year’s trial balance values, all chart of account names and GST indicators. The trial balance date is based on the balance date as entered on the Workbench sheet in your CCH Workpapers Excel file.

Uploading journals from CCH Workpapers journal sheets to Xero adds journals as a draft manual journal in Xero, ready for you to review and post.

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