Equitable access to research

A central hub consolidates all your library resources and services into one place where all students, clinicians, and researchers can easily access – and become aware of – all the research your institution has to offer.

Key features

Search smarter not harder

Enhances the user experience across all research skill levels, providing articles that genuinely “answer” natural language queries by capturing the essence of your search intent.

Enhanced relevancy

Ovid Discovery Semantic Search brings you the articles that genuinely “answer” your queries by capturing the essence of your search intent.

Improved user experience

With Ovid Discovery’s Artificial Intelligence, we aim to make your search more efficient, enabling users of all experience levels to easily focus their search and surface the most relevant information at the top of the results.

Summarized response

Quick answer to your questions generated by Ovid Discovery’s Artificial Intelligence, synthesizing the most relevant results to your query.

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