Overcoming emerging dangers

The continuing rapid adoption of Country-by-Country reporting places the global transfer pricing arrangements of multinationals under the microscope.

In order to mitigate the significant risk of inaccurate or incomplete disclosures, it’s essential that multinationals have a plan to deal with the collection of relevant and accurate data in a consistent format across the whole Group.

Given the size, diversity and geographical spread of many multinationals, it’s critical that they leverage the right technology in order to ensure they are equipped to comply with the Country-by-Country reporting requirement.

A proven global solution from London to Singapore to Melbourne.

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Automate, Collaborate and Streamline
Our secure cloud-based software provides your corporate tax team, locally and globally, with the freedom to collaborate on your financial, tax and transaction data together in a single location.
Control and collaboration, country by country
Cloud-based for rapid deployment, CCH Integrator Country-by-Country Data Collection & Reporting gives multinationals the ability to streamline and automate their collection, consolidation, validation and reporting processes to deliver lodgement-ready data. Collaboration is fostered through all stake-holders working together on a single source of data, providing the visibility required to better manage global tax risk.
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