HealthOctober 22, 2016

Usage statistics of EHRs in practice and academia

Nurse managers reported 13 important skills gaps among new nurses. Download the infographic and use these to guide your nursing curriculum!

Sample infographic of usage statistics of EHRs in practice and academia

Does your nursing program adequately prepare students to work with EHRs once they enter the workforce? Although the use of electronic health records in today’s healthcare environment is widely accepted, their positive impact relies on the ability of nurses to use them effectively and efficiently. Nursing programs are jumping on board, but the fact remains that we have a skills gap when it comes to how many nurses are properly trained to use EHRs come graduation. 68% of nurse faculty report inadequate training on new technologies used in practice—don’t let your students fall into that statistic!

Complete the form to download the infographic. It’s PACKED with visuals detailing the adoption of EHRs in practice and academia, the benefits of EHRs on the healthcare industry, and all 13 skills gaps nursing educators should be focused on.

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