A formulary management solution designed to improve costs, care, and compliance

Establishing formulary systems to standardize effective and safe medication practices is a demanding process, made all the more challenging by the need for all care team members to adhere to those policies. Streamlined communications between prescribers and pharmacists are also key to internal efficiencies that help reduce operational costs, and more importantly, help your patients get their prescriptions faster. We are here to help.

A unified approach to formulary management

Our formulary management solutions are designed to support your entire care team. We do this by:

  • Supporting your Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics Committee (P&T) Committee by making your research process easier and reviewing the latest drugs available in the market
  • Partnering with you to design your custom formulary and giving you tools to update it over time
  • Aligning your care team with formulary information by making it accessible and displaying it at point of care, within their clinical and drug decision support resources
  • Streamlining communication with your clinicians about formulary policies in order to improve adherence
Froedtert enhances formulary efficiency with the power of one CDS platform
Health system observed a 250% increase in formulary usage in the first five months after switching to UpToDate® Lexidrug™ custom formulary management.
phamacist holding bottle of pills while using computer
Unite care teams with Formulink integrated into both UpToDate Lexidrug and UpToDate clinical decision support. Manage your formulary, include organizational policies, and communicate it clearly throughout the workflow so prescribers, pharmacists, and direct caregivers are all on the same page.
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