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Nurse leaders must continuously raise the bar on clinical excellence while improving staff engagement, navigating turnover and training the nursing workforce of the future. When they lead with Lippincott, nurse leaders can unite learning and point-of-care decisions into a single workflow — helping nurses practice more consistently and more confidently.

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I believe educators are influencers and leaders. They’re the boots on the ground, getting information to the nurses who use the tools. And what we’ve seen are constant upticks in Lippincott Solution usage. Now we come together as a team to make recommendations that come out of Lippincott best practices to align with policy.
Rachael Frija, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, NEA-BC
Lippincott is tremendously customizable to our needs. Recently, we had a question about medication administration safety. Using Lippincott’s procedure called Safe Medication Administration Practices, I created a checklist in Lippincott that included AnMed-specific information. I then sent it out to our managers to get their staff checked off. We’ve since seen a great improvement in the way medication is administered. We chose Lippincott because it is evidence based, simple to use and more cost-effective than the alternatives.
Nandel Smith, RN, MS, NE-BC
Lippincott is the primary go-to place for our nurses engaged in procedures. We teach Lippincott extensively during orientation and have found it helpful in supporting nursing education and competency. Some of our educators have assigned nurses to read procedures in Lippincott and then use the testing feature to assess comprehension. I am a 100% believer in the value of Lippincott’s online procedures. We went from having nearly 300 written policies to being able to point nurses in the direction of streamlined, up-to-date procedures in Lippincott.
Karen McCamant, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC

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See how nurses and clinicians access and use Lippincott Solutions evidence-based, best practice information to make informed decisions when caring for patients.

Lippincott Solutions in Action
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Lippincott Solutions in Action: COPD
Lippincott Solutions in Action: Sepsis
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Lippincott Solutions in Action: Sepsis
Lippincott Solutions in Action: Heart Failure
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Lippincott Solutions in Action: Heart Failure
illustration of person suffering from stroke
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Lippincott Solutions in Action: Stroke
Lead nursing transformation and build a sustainable culture of learning with Lippincott Solutions
Increase nursing competencies, bolster bedside decision making, improve care consistency and help staff chart satisfying career progressions. Lippincott’s cloud-based, integrated solutions unite learning and point-of-care decisions into a single workflow. Whether navigating onboarding, transition-to-practice, competency or updated policies and procedures, Lippincott gives nurses current, evidence-based information.
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