Get the right clinical answers fast when you need them most

5MinuteConsult understands the daily, unique challenges general physicians face. Get evidence-based, clinical validation quickly and on the go. A clinical decision support system you can trust.

Continuously updated resources

Stay up to date with the latest in standard operating procedures and treatment protocols.

Evidence-based information

Get information you can trust from medical experts who specialize in their fields.

Actual images and videos

Refer to images of real cases to check against recognizable signs that help you make a call.

Patient communication handouts

Share disease information, self-examination procedures, and self-management plans with patients.

Real-time application assistance

5MinuteConsult’s easy-to-navigate, relevant, synoptic approach to over 2,000 diseases and conditions found in outpatient primary care makes this an essential resource for general physicians, helping them find all the information they need in one place. Get clinical validation on the go and deliver the best health outcomes to every patient.

The 5MinuteConsult Journal Club

Keeps you up to date with the latest research that affects your practice.
5MinuteConsult – Individual Subscription
An essential resource for medical system diagnosis, treatment, and management information on the most frequently observed diseases and conditions.

Get rapid clinical validation anytime, anywhere

Achieve clinical certainty about your decisions, validate facts on the go, and get it right every time, no matter where you are.

Get it right anywhere, anytime

Use evidence-based diagnosis algorithms, test protocols, drug interactions, and procedures for more than 2,000+ diseases — everything you need to diagnose.

Improved outcomes for patients and practice

Ensure the best, most updated treatments for your patients, which will improve business for your practice.

Answers you can trust when you need them

Verify facts and confirm diagnosis and treatment with confidence anywhere, any time. The books you have trusted for over 30 years just got an update.

Clinical validation from global experts

Stay ahead with continually updated information on over 2,000 diseases and conditions developed by doctors from around the globe.

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