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We provide expert solutions to ensure you have the owner, value, and lien information on the properties in time for your deal.

Owner verification searches:

Provides the information needed to identify the current owner of a property and obtain a full legal land description.

Owner and encumbrance searches:

Identifies the current owner of all liens against the property.

Co-op purchase and refinance searches:

These packages of legal and real estate due diligence searches on multiple names are reflective of the co-op organizational structure and unique from other forms of real estate ownership.

Chain of Title:

Provides the history of owners of record from a specific date forward.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lien searches:

Liens can be placed on all real property belonging to a person found liable for costs related to environmental damage. Generally, this applies to the cleanup of what is known as "Superfund" hazardous and polluted properties.

10-Year grantee/grantor searches:

Lists all property bought and sold by a specific individual or entity for a specific time period-normally 10 years.

Owner/Mortgage searches:

Details the current property owner and all mortgages or deeds of trust against the property.

Open mortgage searches:

Provides all open mortgages and any subsequent related documents.

Mechanics lien searches:

Looks for liens placed against a home or property by a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier to ensure payment for their work and materials. Mechanics liens can be filed without a lawsuit.

Tax assessor searches:

Finds the assessed value of the property and whether taxes are current.

Florida municipal lien searches:

Identifies liens that may not show up under traditional title searches. Many of these lien types may not be filed in the public record and can only be found by specifically requesting a search on the property at the designated local Florida office.

Rely on CT Corporation for your due diligence
Rely on our due diligence for your deal

Reduce risk, control cost, and simplify due diligence for your next deal. CT Corporation can customize due diligence services to meet the needs of your next transaction.


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